Why Write a Book?

A 103 year old woman who still drove, was ‘sharp as a tack’ and went to yoga class 3 times a week was asked “Don’t you wake up with aches and pains?”.  She paused for just a moment and said, “No, maybe I will when I get older”.

That’s it!   Here is a person who has figured out how to Dial In what it takes to be vibrantly healthy on a daily basis!

Dialing In For Health is based on personal and clinical experience as well as evidence based practices.  My mission is to help you discover what’s necessary on your road to restoring, maintaining and optimizing health.

When faced with any health challenge it’s good to look at your beliefs and assumptions.  Do you believe that how you feel is as good as it gets and so do nothing different? Do you assume that healthy changes will make no difference because your genes dictate your fate?  Are you aware of unconscious beliefs that are dictating your thoughts, emotions and behavior?

I’m here to partner with you to find what’s possible for your personal vibrant health! 

As part of Dialing In For Health, I have now written an ebook, A Way to Healthy Aging, and started an online Mighty Network community forum.

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