A Cautionary Tale

As someone who has spent most of her life testing out just what is possible when it comes to optimal health and wellbeing, I’ve had plenty of experience following trends, group think, the promise of magic bullets, etc.

If presented with enough information that seemed to make sense, I was game to give it a try.

Over the years scientific tools and big data have progressed exponentially, and my ability to seek out trustworthy sources and read between the lines has gotten far better.

Even so, the litmus test always comes down to N=1.  I am the guinea pig, first in line for anything I recommend.

My takeaways over time…

Start the foundation by taking in the majority of nutrients with a clean diet, get adequate sleep, incorporate daily stress mitigation before spending a dime on anything else.

Break nature’s laws and you pay the price.

Strive for balance/homeostasis. Once you experience it and know what it feels like, you’re definitely aware of when you’ve lost it.

Make lemonade from lemons when you learn what didn’t work.

And when you recognize that some ideas were lemons from the start, you’ll know when to throw them out.

Be brutally honest with yourself.  Good question to ask:  So, how well did that work for you?

Like investing in the market, no matter how much you’ve invested in something, it’s better to cut your losses quickly and move on when the handwriting is on the wall.

If not, you may potentially be doing harm and possibly missing out on discovering what will be beneficial.

Keto/Paleo diet

Sounded good, probably similar in some ways to the way my Ice Age European ancestors ate.

How well did it work for me?    NOT

Besides crashing every afternoon, for the first time in my life, my Cholesterol went up and my HA1c was in the prediabetic range and going up with every retest. Last test before making changes, I was just shy of being diabetic, in spite of being 5’4” and 105 pounds.

First step, cut out one of the so-called healthy fats- Coconut Oil.

That alone started to drop my cholesterol quickly.

Next, I took an Epigenetic Coaching Course* to understand my own genome and to learn how to help others interpret their Genomic Reports.

Turns out that I, like many, by consuming a high fat diet, am at risk of CVD and would definitely benefit from a low-fat diet.

Looking more into diabetes with the Mastering Diabetes book** and Virtual Retreat- it’s not the CARBS that get us in trouble, it’s FAT accumulating in the cells and preventing the uptake of glucose!!!

Making friends with Carbs again…..

For years I felt like it was carbs that contributed to my daytime sleepiness and lack of energy, which is why I got sucked into the Keto story.

The type of carbs matters. Turns out I do have sensitivity to something in grains according to my genomic variants, so I continue to limit them in my diet.

However, complex, unrefined carbs found in whole plant foods are chock-full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Complex carbs actually lower blood sugar, help decrease excess weight and body mass and can help manage diabetes.

Understanding the role of different kinds of fiber…..

Different types of fiber feed our good gut buddies (AKA good bacteria), which then produce SCFAs (short chain fatty acids).

All roads point to SCFAs for human health. They are the dominant driver of gut health and are beneficial throughout the body.***

Bottom line, within 18 months of converting to a largely plant-based, whole food, low fat way of eating with little processed food, My Energy Level is up, numbers are down.  Total cholesterol 184.  HA1c 5.4 (well below the prediabetic range)

Don’t panic if you’re a Foodie.  You’ll be able to eat lots of flavorful dishes and as much as you want, as long as you don’t break Nature’s Laws and go outside Plant-Based, Whole Food and Low Fat.  In fact, you need to be consuming lots of these foods to ensure getting optimal levels of nutrients.

Need help?  Whether you’re totally clueless about where to start or just need clarification on certain issues, I’m currently booking telehealth appointments based on your need.

Yours In Health,

Dr Pat

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** Mastering Diabetes is a landmark book that shows how common beliefs about carbohydrates and diabetes are exacerbating a tragic epidemic. The knowledge and advice in its pages will improve millions of lives and provide a clear scientific model that can end diabetes as we know it.

***Bulsiewicz MD, Will . Fiber Fueled