Backing off from the edge

I remember when my son was young he would have a tipping point beyond which typical ways of consoling him no longer worked. It would happen when he was over-tired, over-stimulated, too many “bad” things in one day. Sometimes the only option was to wait until his nervous system could reset itself. Fortunately, a good nights sleep was enough to put him back on track.

We all have our tipping point. Those who recognize that point have usually found ways to allow recovery or at least “back off from the edge”. It’s vitally important to not underestimate the potential damage being done to some or all systems of your body if you do not have ways to push the reset button.

Those who were born with a highly up-regulated nervous system or who suffered stressful childhoods or traumatic events may need interventions initially to break up existing aberrant patterns. Nature’s intended state, unless responding to emergencies is a relaxed state. As you can imagine, it’s hard to find a truly relaxed state, like this cat, if you’ve never experienced it or have forgotten what it feels like. Trying to find it under those circumstances can feel like this red panda. For long standing anxiety we start with sessions in the Magnesphere to balance the Autonomic Nervous System and restore the body’s ability to find a truly relaxed state.

Allowing oneself to experiment may be the best path to finding inner calm. The aspiration being to find what it takes for YOUR system to totally relax. Don’t assume that what works for someone else will work for you.

For some it is as simple as soaking in a tub with candles lit, for others it is possible to unwind only after vigorous exercise.

Stress itself doesn’t kill it’s the inability to adapt to stress. We know intuitively that finding time and space for daily doses of inner calm is an integral part of that adaptation.