The Brain KickStart Program

What is The Brain Kickstart Program?

The Brain Kickstart Program is a novel combination of innovative techniques, modalities and support product(s) that will help your brain get unstuck from old brainwave states that interfere with self-regulation. These “stuck” patterns are often the result of injury and/or stress. The end result of the KickStart protocol is an energized, more optimally functioning brain that is now able to self-regulate.


Problems Addressed
More and more research is confirming the previously unknown connection that exists between the brain and the body.
For example:

  • Poor eating habits and uncontrolled cravings can be linked to an imbalance of “feel good” neurotransmitters, possibly leading to obesity and an unhealthy diet lacking in key nutrients.
  • Insomnia and metabolic disorders are connected to brain voltage. Vitality, or the lack of it, is the outcome of the intensity of this voltage.
  • This low energy can undermine the best of intentions to exercise.
  • Handling the daily stress of life is determined by the brain’s rhythm.
  • Irritable Bowel, Extreme Fatigue, Elevated Anxiety Levels, Addictive Behaviors and Chronic Pain are among many other health issues that find their origins in dysfunctions of the Brain.

The brain generates and sends electric currents throughout your entire body, directs the internal systems and orchestrates overall health and wellbeing.

Answers that make sense
Our Brain Kickstart program incorporates evidence-based strategies and modalities to address the most common challenges to good brain health, which can result in greater body health. Subjective and Objective measures have demonstrated that our targeted non-invasive approach leads to substantial improvements within 3-5 affordable visits.

What we use
We start with a baseline assessment using a newly developed objective measure of brain performance, The Brain Gauge from Cortical Metrics. We then utilize a number of evidence-based approaches, each of which support optimal Brain/Body function. Periodic retesting with The Brain Gauge will ensure that we are indeed making gains and help us determine which level of support and treatment are most appropriate.


For more information about the Brain KickStart Program contact Dr Anamaria Cobo at 610-291-6627


The Brain Kickstart program was developed and is under the direction of Patricia Salvitti, BS, DC and Anamaria Cobo Ed.D. Dr Salvitti has incorporated a Brain/Body integrative approach in her practice for over two decades. Dr Cobo’s many years of life in academia have offered her an exposure to a great need for the support of healthy brain function in students at all levels of education. Brain Kickstart sessions are now available at the Media Wellness Center.