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Product Description

Weighing in at a generous 1.3 ounces, every handmade tin contains 120 mg CBD, the highest concentration we have seen in a salve.

Becoming world famous for its wonderful aroma and effectiveness, our salve is the best way to administer CBD locally, to the skin and underlying tissue. Once on the skin, our unique formula carries the CBD through the sub dermal route, reaching even deep tissue. This is the classic formulation, unique with a synergistic blend of essential and carrier oils.

Our CBD is:

-Produced from organically grown hemp and made in USA
-Super-critical CO2 extracted, no solvents!
-Lab tested
-Full plant spectrum

All Organics Materials: Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, CBD Hemp Oil, Essential Oil of Lavender, Essential Oil of Rosemary, Essential Oil of Eucalyptus, Essential Oil of Spearmint, Essential Oil of Marjoram, Essential Oil of Basil, Essential Oil of Vetiver

Local Pain Specialist Bruce Nicholson, MD, Endorses Use of CBD Products for Pain Management


by Gisele R. Siebold

Dr. Bruce D. Nicholson, the director of pain specialists of Greater Lehigh Valley, as well as the medical director for the Division of Pain Management, Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health

Network, acknowledges and understands that chronic pain is a complex problem and treating it successfully requires a united, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. “The human body is an amazing system of well-orchestrated parts. Like a machine, each part contributes to the harmony of the whole. When illness or injury strikes, however, the entire system is affected and pain is often the result,” describes Nicholson. “Pain is actually the body’s way of signaling a breakdown of one of its parts. Although unpleasant, pain provides an important warning to protect the body against further injury.”

Nicholson is also a clinical associate professor at Penn State’s College of Medicine at Hershey Medical Center, and Board Certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. He consistently researches treatments that can confidently be recommended for patients, taking into consideration their long-term health and well-being.

“At Pain Specialists of Greater Lehigh Valley, our philosophy includes the belief that chronic pain can be successfully managed, and the first step is understanding the source,” shares

Nicholson. “Our physicians make a diagnosis and recommend a course of treatment designed to bring balance and harmony back into life.”

This physician’s philosophy led Nicholson to recommend cannabidiol (CBD) products for topical use in treating peripheral pain, helping patients to heal and get back to living vibrant lives.

“CBD products are an excellent alternative to orally administered anti-inflammatories, as well as opioid treatments, and they are cost-effective for my patients,” notes Nicholson. “Furthermore, the majority of my patients, particularly those living with chronic pain from osteoarthritis in their joints, knees and lower back, have experienced genuine pain relief when using the CBD salve.”

Nicholson notes that the quality of the hemp oil is important; he recommends hemp products that are contaminate-, GMO- and pesticide-free.

“We are hearing more and more medical physicians and other healing professionals sharing their positive experiences with CBD products,” says Mitch Ebert, the co-founder of DaCrema Botanicals, a Montgomery County-based CBD manufacturer that provides products to Dr. Nicholson. “Our understanding and acceptance are growing—there are myriad benefits available from the cannabis plant that we are just beginning to understand.”