Whole Body Vibration

Comparison of Different Manufacturers & Machines

There are many different vibration machines available as this technology is exploding in popularity. There are many different factors to consider when looking for the right machine and experience for you, such as the direction of movement, the amplitude, gravitational force, frequency, durability, and cost. To determine the best machine for you contact Dr Pat at MediaWellnessCenter@comcast.net or call 610-566-2525. The vibration machine sold on this website has been developed based on wellness and holistic health principles including an understanding of detoxification, electromagnetic (chi) energy, and nutrition, as well as biomechanics, physical, and neurological interactions. Most manufactures (including Power Plate, Vibrogym, Vibroflex, V-Max, DKN, HyperVibe, Noblerex, VibraPro, and others) approach Whole Body Vibration primarily from the perspective of physical exercise. They do not understand the powerful effects of Whole Body Vibration on your entire body and nervous system, and hence their machines are not optimized and designed to deal with the full range of effects.

Single Motor vs. Dual Motor

A key difference between machines is the number of motors producing the vibration. All vibration machines sold on this website use only one motor. This is based on a critical piece of information that many manufacturers are not aware of. Two motors producing vibration can cause detrimental effects on brain and body synchronization, especially over time. Two motors can never be properly synchronized, as a result, if you stand on a two motor system, you and your brain will become desynchronized over time. This can lead to a host of negative side effects, such as, fatigue, muscle weakness, sleep disturbances and even immune system imbalance. A one motor system always delivers a 100% synchronized vibration and message to your brain and body, helping your system to be in its optimal functioning state.

High amplitudes are not typically achieved using a single motor system but the beneficial effects are still obtained. High amplitude is not the most important objective for WBV, even though some manufacturers promote this aspect of their machines. A critical benefit of whole body vibration is how effectively the system is at getting your brain into a synchronized state. This is only possible using a 100% synchronized single motor system like our vibration machines or other single motor units. Remember that intense exercise is only one of many benefits you can get from vibration, and be aware of what you are purchasing.

There are now machines that have two motors operating two different types of motion, usually with the option of operating only one at a time. See below for more info on these systems. If you do get one of these machines be sure to only use one motor and motion at a time.

Two Types of Motion

Vertical or Linear Motion

Vertical or Linear MotionThese machines vibrate mostly up and down. This is the type of machine that I recommend for most people. As long as the vibration is produced with only one motor, this will provide a completely synchronized movement and message into your system, and this motion is the most stabilizing for your structural system. Very confusingly, variations of this first basic type of motion are produced by different motor configurations. The different motor types confer small amounts of horizontal motion and circular movement to the plate along with a predominantly vertical motion. To seem different (and better), companies come up with different names, such as three-dimensional, horizontal, spiral, circular, tri-planar, triangular, tri-phasic, multidimensional, omniflex, and piston. All these terms are describing basically the same type of motion.

Oscillation Motion

Oscillation MotionA second major type of vibration machine utilizes oscillation across a fulcrum in the middle of the plate, so that the plate rises and falls on either side like a child’s seesaw. This motion is called oscillation, pivotal, or teeter-totter. These machines usually have greater amplitudes (up to 10 mm) but lower frequencies. They can provide a good workout for less cost. However, for total health, I recommend a single motor vertical vibration machine with its perfect synchronization and gentler motion. Too much vibration is much more of a problem than too little vibration. If oscillation vibration is used, I recommend an equal amount of time on a single motor linear vibration machine.

Dual Motion Machines

There are machines now that have both types of motion available in one machine, independently controlled. These machines are described as “dual motion” or “hybrid.” Don’t confuse dual motion with dual motor. Dual motor refers to two motors operating at the same time, and I recommend you always avoid this type of vibration (see above). Dual motion machines have two motors and two motions, often with the option of operating both at the same time—don’t do that! As long as only one motor is operating at a time, this is a viable option, though not my highest recommendation.

Remember that intense exercise is only one of many benefits you can get from vibration. For many people, if they try to work out too intensely with vibration at the beginning, they will end up feeling worse instead of better because of too much detoxing. Be patient! Remember that you can get exercise many ways. The workout effect is not the only benefit, and it is not what makes vibration so unique. Muscle strength, toning, and weight loss are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to vibration’s benefits.