Are you curious to discover what’s possible when it comes to your day to day well-being? Dissatisfied with the current reality?

Everyone is truly unique when it comes to their genetic makeup, history and current challenges. I start with carefully and respectfully listening and acknowledging that no one knows your body as well as you. Based on many factors, I first design and then help you to implement a customized set of guidelines, that may be tweaked a number of times before “dialing in” your optimal feel good state. Along the way you’ll learn how to quickly find that state again when you lose it.

Are you ready to invest in your health?

What does it look like? We start from where you are right now. From there you will be guided using a multi-pronged, customized approach designed to lead you on a path toward greater well-being.

Pay as you go- Using as much or as little of our support as you need to stay on course.

Minimum one hour for first session. $100/hour, availability of $55/30minutes thereafter.

Ready to truly optimize your health and wellbeing check out the Prodrome Scan Blood Test

Any questions? email me at dialinginforhealth@gmail  to introduce yourself and you’ll be sent my Online Calendar for scheduling

Dialing In For Health One Hour Session

What you’ll take away

Confidence: Knowing that no one will ever know your body as well as you do.

Tools:  Know how to unplug from stressed states and how to restore the quality of your sleep.

Learn how important the gut is for not just bodily health but also mood and behavior.

The latest when it comes to repairing the gut without needing expensive testing.

Understanding that Detoxification is not something you “do to” the body.

BOYB Know how to continually Build On Your Better.  It’s an ongoing process.