Getting Real

From personal and clinical experience I can help you sort through the mountains of information out there and see how it applies to you.  Sometimes a little clarity can go a long way towards solving health care issues and putting you on the road to greater health and well-being.  In that vein I thought it best to start with this “food for thought”.

Is the lack the appropriate knowledge the reason you accept poor health as your destiny?

Destiny refers to a predetermined course of events.  In effect it is a concept based on the belief that there is a fixed order to the universe.

How many millions of people have suffered in the past from preventable diseases, thinking it was their destiny or fate to do so?  Our modern version is to say:  I have heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune, cancer, etc because it’s in my family.  There is an element of truth to our belief about our condition based on our genetic makeup.  However, most of the time the ability to regain and maintain our health is within our power.

We now have a cutting edge DNA test to access your genetic risks and potential (Aperion Genomics DNA test*) and a Biological Age test to see exactly how your current life is influencing your disease risk and rate of aging (TruDiagnostic**). As a trained Epigenetic Coach I can guide you through how to best utilize the results from your testing. You’ll have the option of a single online session to go over your report(s), or ongoing coaching bases on your need and level of commitment.

*According to the European Society of Human Genetics study 2014 – People who follow a genetically-informed diet lose 33% more weight and gain more lean mass. A follow-up to a Stanford University weight loss study showed 278% greater weight loss in people who followed a diet guided by their genomic data. We have created a report to look at over 120 genetic SNPs, whereas most direct-to-consumer reports look at fewer than 20 SNPs. Apeiron’s Nutrition report illuminates genetic factors affecting; appetite and hunger, fat utilization and absorption, metabolism, satiety, grain, gluten and dairy sensitivities, insulin resistance, and much more. This provides our coaches with precise information to establish a bio-specific nutritional plan that will allow you to achieve your goals more rapidly than ever.

**TruAge™ tests up to 425x more spots on the DNA than any other age predictor. We use an algorithm powered by machine learning to create your personalized report that tells you your current biological age, as well as next steps on how to lower your age! Reducing biological age leads to a drastically lowered chance of mortality.

Our ability to restore, maintain and even optimize our health and wellbeing is within our power.

Two major blocks to having this happen:

1.  We observe that other people seem to eat what they want, drink what they want, live the lifestyle they want and they don’t have the problems we have.  (We are all truly unique when it comes to the complexity of our lives and current circumstances. What’s true for one person is not true for everyone.)

2.  The fixed paradigm of modern medicine doesn’t necessarily guide us through the appropriate steps necessary for a vibrantly healthy life.

A young patient asked me recently for advise on a “realistic” healthy diet for her busy lifestyle.  My response was:  “It needs to be reality-based if you hope to be healthy.” Our decision to make poor choices has consequences in spite of what we think.

In over 4 decades of practice my patients who approach our relationship as a proactive partnership enjoy greater levels of empowerment and wellbeing.  It can be no other way.

Yours in Health,

Dr Pat