Patricia Salvitti, BS, DC

What happens when you have an inquisitive nature, a sensitive body and a determination to overcome health challenges? – My life!

You can now take advantage of my investment of 40+ years, tens of thousands of dollars coupled with the unrelenting conviction that something better is possible.

Hunting for the gems among all the over-hyped, over promising- under delivering products, modalities and techniques played a big part in the journey.

The payoff has been meeting some brilliant mentors and discovering what’s effective, under what circumstances and more importantly what doesn’t work.

For myself, now over 70 😊, I’ve learned how to “Dial In” what it takes to have a better quality of day–to-day wellbeing more than ever before.

The pictures on this page are from the latest of our many trips in recent years.

The popular book, Design Your Life places Health at the base of their Design Your Life Dashboard for obvious reasons. When you’re not healthy, nothing else in your life works very well.

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And let our Dialing In For Health program be your mentor in dialing in what works for you.

Yours in Health,

Dr Pat