In our first year of offering the Magnesphere at our Wellness Center I fell and broke my left arm near my shoulder days before our Magnesphere arrived.  Fortunately is was not a dislocated fracture and fortunately the Magnesphere has a protocol for bone trauma.  I could literally feel the area of the fracture during the protocol as it was facilitating healing.  Bottom line: between the Magnesphere and my other modalities, I didn’t miss a day of work and had total range of motion with no pain within 3 weeks!

Since then we’ve seen positive benefit from Magnesphere sessions in those with chronic conditions that had not responded to any other treatments or modalities and improvements in those with headaches (including migraines), sleep issues, anxiety (including PTSD) and acute injuries.

Yours in Health,

Dr Pat

Address Chronic Stress with “Enhanced Feelings of Relaxation”

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is tied directly to most critical body functions, and it is highly sensitive to stress. Magnetic Resonance Therapy can help balance the ANS, which translates to improved areas of Health and Wellness.

If you could see magnetic fields it would look like this