No one will ever know your body as well as you do

The sentence speaks for itself. However, many forget when they visit Doctors that they are not mind-readers and they for sure cannot directly experience what it’s like to be in the patients body. Careful observation over time utilizing an elimination diet and becoming aware of what our tipping point is and what can quickly bring us back from the edge are worth way more than any diagnosis or treatment.

Did you know that if you eat a balanced diet, sleep eight hours a day, exercise three times a week, don’t smoke, and have a relatively stress-free work environment, your chance of becoming seriously ill drops dramatically.  It beats every pill and drug ever concocted.  50% of all mortality is directly related to behavior.

However, leaving out just one doesn’t buy you 80% of the health improvement you get by doing all five.  Leave out just one and the effects of the remaining four tenets drop exponentially.  You can’t make up for a missing element by doubling down on the remainder: If you try to make up for an unhealthy diet with more exercise, that doesn’t work.  Your body is a system.  To operate properly, it needs to be treated systemically.