Vibrant Health 1000

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Be sure to read everything on the Whole Body Vibration page before making a decision. Becky Chambers’ book is an excellent resource to get the most out of this technology.
This vibration machine is powerful enough to give you a good workout and increase bone density, while also stimulating your nervous system and brain, chi energy, hormones, and every cell in your body. This can lead to rapid benefits for your whole body, including brain health, weight loss, bone and muscle, joints, immune system, even your hair and skin. It is ideal for improving overall health & wellness, complementing an existing fitness routine, or rehabilitate from injury.

All machines recommended and sold by Vibrant Health are single motor vertical vibration–a type of vibration which delivers a synchronized message to your nervous system, which has been shown to promote brain synchronization. Brain synchronization is a phenomena linked in cutting-edge research to optimal brain function and health, including creativity, problem solving, learning, and long-term memory formation.


  • Single motor vertical vibration
  • User friendly console displays time, speed or program
  • Handy push button remote control
  • Dimensions: 30″wide x 23-5/8″ deep x 6-1/8″ high
  • Maximum user weight: 300 lbs.
  • Unit weight: 50 lbs.
  • Frequency range: 26Hz – 45 Hz, adjustable in 1 Hz increments
  • Power requirements: 110v – 120 v
  • Certifications: GS, CE, ETL, RoHs

Warranty: Home use 2-year warranty on parts and labor; Commercial use 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

I came across the first of the Whole Body Vibration platforms at a Trade Show 15 years ago and since then I’ve looked off and on to see if there has been any research confirming their benefits for Osteoporosis.  Turns out reversing bone loss is just one of the benefits.  I was lucky enough to be turned onto the work of Becky Chambers in early 2017 and have been following her lead ever since.

The consensus at our Wellness Center is that this machine feels wonderful. You feel the gentle vibration evenly from your feet to the top of your head. When you step off after even a couple minutes you can tell that you’ve left tension and tight muscles behind and that your mood has lifted.

Yours in Health,

Dr Pat

My Experience with the Vibrant Health 1000

My family has a history of vertigo and of course, I was a likely victim of my genetics. For the last year, I have tried various methods to combat my vertigo, including following a YouTube video that described positions to relieve vertigo. My doctor even suggested that I sit still for 10 minutes on the edge of my bed before I get up or try motion sickness medication. I had been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease which is cause by buildup of fluid and pressure in the inner ear and can cause dizziness along with ringing in the ears and over time hearing loss.  There is no cure or treatment for Meniere’s.

About 3 months ago Dr Pat purchased the Vibrant Health 1000 platform (pictured above) and suggest that I try it. I would get on the platform two or three times a week for a couple minutes at a time. To my surprise a few weeks later, my vertigo was gone. For the past three months, I have religiously used the platform for 2 or 3 minutes 2-3 times a week. Not only is my vertigo gone, but my body feels revived and my brain alert. If you suffer from vertigo or headaches you may find the same benefits I did.

Dr Anamaria Cobo