The PureWave Frequency Energy Waves Fully Penetrate & Surround the Whole Body

Bones, Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments, Nerves, Blood Vessels

and All Organs are Stimulated by the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

PureWave Home Cellular Therapy Uses Frequencies and Intensities Conforming to Nature Without Detrimental Side Effects

The PureWave technology applies controlled electromagnetic fields (resonance), adapted to the organism, to the body and that achieves:

1. A completely deep action as in every part of the organism fields and currents are formed, even in the blood vessels, where until now only pharmaceuticals could effect the necessary regulation.

2. A strengthening of the body’s own weakened fields, to steady and stabilize bones, strengthens the exchange of cell nutrients and waste products, regeneration of cell components and the boosting of the immune system.

3. A harmonization of uncoupled oscillators to balance the autonomic nervous system, to gently dilate tense blood vessels, to initiate sleeping rhythms.

Most medications, which spontaneously cover the symptoms of disease, often have unforeseeable side effects. The PureWave System, however supports the natural healing capacity of an organism and helps to fight the causes of disease without the side effects. Of course therapy with the PureWave is quicker and more successful if it is supported by proper nutrition and the necessary exercise for humans.

Commonly benefited conditions include tendonitis/bursitis, myofascial syndromes, muscle and ligament sprains, strains and spasm, skin trauma and inflammations, scars and contractures and joint swelling and pain including Osteoarthritis.  Because of the basic biologic actions of these fields, PureWave Home Cellular Therapy is frequently found to help in the management of acute and chronic pain.

To Order a PureWave Home Cellular Therapy System

Cell Voltage Is The Status Indicator of Cellular Health.

If the cell voltage decreases…

the risk of disease can increase substantially!

Oxygen Deficiency Is The Single Greatest Cause Of All Diseases, Aging and PAIN

In one 8 minute session, PureWave system provides a remarkable increase of oxygen in the blood and tissues.

“The Original” PEMF System, 30 Years of Scientific Research and Patented Technology Ion Transport and Resonance Phenomenon

The PureWave PEMF Systems

Stimulate the Natural Self-Regulating Functions of Your Cells​

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